Saturday, June 19, 2010

Club Penguin hints and a great game!


I hope everyone is having a great day.

If you have a Club Penguin account you would know that there is an Adventure Party going on and you have to find things like paper hats. If you are having trouble here are a few handy clues that might help you.

Clue one: the first hat is in the forest near the big boulder.

Clue two: the second one is in the Beach near the sign.


Clue three: the third hat is in the bushes at the snow forts near the stadium.


Clue four: Go to the hidden lake and on top of the mermaid cove sign is the fourth hat.


Clue five: go to the plaza and in the Blue Puffle's hat is the fifth hat.


Clue six: go to The Town and in the Tiki's hat is the sixth hat

Clue seven: go to the Iceberg and look in the palm trees and you will find the second last hat.


The last clue: go to the ski village and on top of the pirate puffle sign is the last hat!


When you finish finding the paper hats it will say Build the map. That map will help you try to find the hidden treasure.

When you have finished the puzzle you will get a map. It is kind of hard to find where it is so just look at the cove. When you get to the cove you will see an X marking the spot. When you go there you use your jackhammer which you can buy in this month's clothing catalog. 

To work the jack hammer press E and D at the same time and you will get the prize.

Now that you have finished the puzzle you will get the bandanna!  

Now that you are finished all of that, click here and you will find a great to play!

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Big Al.


Maddy said...

Hi Big Al,

I was awarded a Pure in Heart award and I tagged you! If you go to my blog you can read about the award. Please don't feel pressured to do anything - I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog.

I hope your day is sweet,

Sir and Miss said...

Hi there Big Al,

I have just recently signed up to Club Penguin! But, I am a little lost with it all seen as I am still learning to read. So, thanks for the hints - they are very helpful for a newby like me.



WOW! Your blog is really cool, thank you so much for following my blog I will follow yours as soon as possible!