Monday, June 14, 2010

Ideas on taking photos.

Hello! Thanks for coming to visit me today.

I have had a great day today. We bought a new rug for my study and I was just in the backyard playing football with my dad while Mum was taking some photos for her blog.

I also took some photos of myself for Simoney's next Kid's Click Competition. 

Last week's competition was all about yucky things and Simoney thought my picture was outstanding! Thank you for saying that, Simoney-you made my day! Simoney has now added and extra-special prize to the competition. If she thinks your picture is outstanding you get to write a little post with your photo tips for KidsClick!

So here are my 5 tips on taking good photos. 

Idea 1: don't be afraid to get messy and you should even lie down on the ground to get a good shot. Here is a picture of the grass that I took today while lying on the ground.

Idea 2: always get in nice and close. Here is a photo of a spider and I didn't use the zoom. I just got in real close with the camera.

Idea 3: if you can, don't use the flash because it makes the picture look a bit funny and not very natural. Heres a picture of a flower taken with a flash.

Here is a picture of the same flower without the flash-I like this one better.

Idea 4: Hold the camera still as a statue. 

Idea 5: Have fun !  I had lots of fun taking pictures of myself for this week's competition.

Here is my entry called..... 


Thank you for hosting this great competition Simoney and thank you for letting me share some of my ideas about taking pictures.

Before I go I just wanted to show you a funny ad I found for Sony TVs. It features Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning and some other celebrities!

Wasn't that funny!

Thanks for visiting me today and don't forget to visit Simoney to link up your pictures all about YOU!

Have a great day,
Big Al :)


Simoney said...

Awesome tips, Big Al!!! Love those pictures you're taking - and your entry for "THIS IS ME" - I will be posting your tips over on kids click as well and linking up to your blog. Great blog Big Al!!
Luv from Simoney

Maddy said...

Hi Big Al,

Those are some great tips!They will come in handy next time we go for a walk and take photos. Thanks for posting them!

Love from your sister,

simoney said...



Frog, Goose and Bear said...

Those grass photos are AWESOME Big Al - you really are quite the photographer - thanks for the tips!