Monday, June 7, 2010

A YUCKy Picture!

Finally, my homework is done and that means time for a walk. Mum and Maddy were taking photos of flowers and many more things on our walk, but while I was walking I saw something very YUCKY, a cigarette!

Now, what was even more depressing and definitely very, very disgusting was the garbage in the gutter.

Garbage in the Gutter-taken by me, Big Al!
(aged 10!)

I am linking this Yucky picture of garbage in the gutter to a photo competition at the blog

Thank you for letting me join in, Simoney.

Tonight my bed time reading is three Zac Power books; Shockwave, Frozen Fear and Blockbuster. I will review these books for my cousin Jacob in my post tomorrow.  

Thanks for reading my blog today. I hope you will come back soon.

Have a good day,
Big Al.


Simoney said...

Hey Big Al! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. And your picture of garbage in the butter is OUTSTANDING. I love it. Well done on taking such a great photo and setting up such a cool blog.

My son Joshua LOVES Zac Power as well. Maybe I will get him to come visit your blog and read your books reviews Well done Al!
Love from Simone

PS how old are you??

Natasha said...

Great pictures sweetie! You have really done a great job with your blog-I love it!

Love you!