Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Silly Post

This weekend  our family has been pretty silly.

We went to the EKKA and we ate HEAPS of junk food .

We played the 'clown game'.

We even saw a man wearing a silly balloon hat.

And when we came home I read some silly books. 

Even  my mum has been in a silly mood. Look at the book she's reading - she is so silly
This is the photo that I'll be entering in the Kid's Click competition for the subject silly. 


Thanks for having me, Simoney!

To finish this blog post I want to share a really silly clip called Twisted Whiskers.

Thanks for visiting me today and reading my silly post!

Have a great day,
Big Al


Simoney said...

Love your silly post Big Al! It's so... silly!!

Looks like the Ekka was loads of fun, and that strawberry cone oyu were eating looks soooo yum. And yes, that's guy's hat WAS very silly!
Luv Simoney

Anonymous said...

I love the Twisted Whiskers. It is a product from AG. Thanks for supporting us!

shamrock said...

Hi darling Big Al,
Just love reading your post, I found it very interesting.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

x's and o''s