Friday, September 3, 2010

Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events book review

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Today I will be reviewing Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events is about the three “extremely unlucky” Baudelaire children, Klaus, Violet and Sunny. Their parents die in a tragic house fire and they have to live with the evil Count Olaf. They encounter a series of unfortunate events as they try to beat Count Olaf at his own game.

The three Baudelaire children lived with their parents in an enormous mansion at the heart of a dirty and busy city. Their sad news is told to them while they are at Briny Beach. Count Olaf lives in briny beach next to Justice Strauss.


Klaus, Violet and Sunny Baudelaire and Count Olaf are the main characters. Violet is the eldest and she likes to skip stones on the beach and build inventions. Klaus is the middle child and he LOVES to read. Sunny is the youngest and she likes to bite things like tables, hands and toes and many more things.


The other main character is Count Olaf and he is evil. He tries to steal the children’s inheritance by marrying Violet.
Justice Strauss is a judge in the Briny Beach Area. She tries to help the children.Mr Poe, was friends with the children’s  parents and he is in charge of looking after the will. Count Olaf enjoys the theatre and he has a theatre group. Nine actors are in the group.


The biggest problem in the book is when the house of the children gets burnt down and their parents die so they have to move in with the evil Count Olaf. He makes their life terrible by forcing them to cut wood in the back yard, do all of the cooking and cleaning and the most terrible thing is when he ties Sunny up in a basket and hangs her from the top of a tall tower.


The most important events in the book are when Count Olaf tries to marry Violet and then Justice Strauss saves Violet. Justice Strauss tries to adopt the children but she cannot as she is not a relative, which is one the rules in the will.

The book does not end on a happy note because Count Olaf says, ”I’ll get my hands on your fortune if the last thing I’ll do...” to Violet and then Count Olaf escapes and nobody knows where he goes.

I liked some parts of the book but some parts were also a bit annoying. In chapter eight Lemony Snickett wrote sentences twice, for example, “He kept reading the same things over and over again. He kept reading the same things over and over again.” This was a bit confusing to understand. Another reason the book was a bit annoying is because I felt really sorry for the three orphans. It was very sad that they were forced to live with Count Olaf and that all of their memories get burnt down in the fire. 

One thing I liked about the book is the character Sunny because she was the funniest. One funny part in the book is when she bites the table and doesn’t let go. Another part is when they are chopping wood and Sunny bites and again she doesn’t let go. She was a very funny character even though she says very little. 


Did you know this movie was made into a movie?

I loved the movie!

I give this book 3 stars out of 5.

Thanks for reading. 

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Little Miss Pink said...

Cool big Al
I have read the books too and I loved them sooo much I had to read them again. I really enjoyed the movie too.

burmeasle said...

Hi Al, Grace and Ross and I love Lemony Snicket so much that our Burmese cats are (and were) named after the characters! Our our first Red Burmese was Sunny... sadly no longer with us. Our two crazy Burmese who are very mischievous and rather entertaining are Violet and Klaus, and they are lilac and chocolate in color. If we did end up with another cat, his name would definitely be Olaf :) but that's just between you and me....don't tell Cameron, he'd have a fit!